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Andrea Weekes

Andrea Weekes is an Registered Nurse, an Activist, and a Montrealer, born and  raised.As a mental health practitioner, Andrea believes in advocating for the rights of her patients as well as the everyday person who is unable to do so themselves.

Andrea currently resides in Ontario, but in her free time when not keeping grounded with her yoga practice or travelling the world, you will find her volunteering her time with a few non profit organizations: Guelph Black Heritage Society (GBHS), Leave Out Violence in St Vincent & The Grenadines (LOVNSVG), and recently appointed secretary for Rise Hairouna (Diaspora Team).

Favorite Qoutes

Justice is the indispensable companion of the truth. Accountability for crimes and gross violations, including individual accountability under criminal law, is key to reinstate public trust in justice and security institutions to rebuild the rule of law and sustainable peace.