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Ceceal Michael Samuel​

Ceceal Michael Samuel is the Treasurer of Rise Hairouna. She is a born Vincentian from the remote village of Fancy in the North of the Island and was educated at the Fancy Government School. 

Her secondary education started at the Bishop College Secondary School, Georgetown and then the Emmanuel High School, Kingstown. She then went onto college at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Technical College. 

 At the tertiary level Ceceal obtained her Bachelors in Business Administration from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. She also holds a Master’s degree in Counselling and is currently completing a degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Social Work at the Grand Canyon University in Arizona, USA.

Ceceal has a passion for justice and equity for all people regardless of culture, creed, ethnicity, race, or gender.  It is this passion that has led her to join “Rise Hairouna” to ensure that the fundamental rights and freedom of all Vincentians is preserved and sustained.  She will forever challenge injustice and any form of oppression any where but especially in St. Vincent and the Grenadines – the land of her birth.

Favorite Qoutes

Justice is the indispensable companion of the truth. Accountability for crimes and gross violations, including individual accountability under criminal law, is key to reinstate public trust in justice and security institutions to rebuild the rule of law and sustainable peace.