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Chair of the Board

Gennel Pope

My name is Gennel Pope. I am a born-again Christian and mother of two boys. I am a `Personal Support Worker, Founder of Touch of A.N.G.E.L.S The ‘US’ Movement Non-profit, Philanthropist, Worship Leader, singer, songwriter, member of Rise Hairouna and many other talents. I love and forgive with ease.
I was born in St.Vincent, one of the most beautiful Islands of the Caribbean. I grew up on the windward side of the country in a little village called Lauders known as the Lauders Estate in primitive times. As a child, I always loved to share and care for others, especially those mistreated and neglected.
In secondary school, I used to give away my transport money to students who didn’t have money or food for lunch then I would have to walk the long journey home. It was very emotional to see those who barely had anything to live by, and though we were destitute, I burst into tears. Sometimes, I would visit some elderlies to help them with their chores.They always said, ‘’God will bless you.’’ ‘’You have a good heart.’’ There was never a moment I watched documentaries about poverty in Africa and didn’t cry. Sometimes I wept until my hunger was full. I was too sad to eat.
As I grew older, my love for humanity kept getting stronger. I believe in the Righteousness of God and not man, wherefore, as a Christian, though I believe in justice for humans, I do not support all laws of humanity. Everything cannot be equal and free, but only be fair about things we want to be equal and free.
As a philanthropist, I’m for all people but mostly the poor. I stand for the ‘voiceless’ and stand with the ‘voiceful’! I love my country passionately and will do anything righteously to protect it from oppressors. Hence the reasons I founded Touch of A.N.G.E.L.S and became a member of Rise Hairouna. Touch of A.N.G.E.L.S specializes in many charitable programs but mostly feeding programs in SVG.
Rise Hairouna is the New Birth Movement of SVG. I’m delighted to be part of it.
“Charity begins with me.”
Charity is giving. Giving is not always charity.
“I must be the Change I want to see.”
“Justice is not Justice until it’s true.”