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“Justice is the indispensable companion of the truth. Accountability for crimes and gross violations, including individual accountability under criminal law, is key to reinstate public trust in justice and security institutions to rebuild the rule of law and sustainable peace.”-United Nations.
Rise Hairouna is a nonpartisan citizen powered grassroots movement which envelopes equality, integrity and humanity. In the best interest of generations to come, Rise Hairouna encourages citizen power to champion St. Vincent and the Grenadines where justice is seen to be done no matter political affiliation, gender, colour, or financial status. Rise Hairouna believes in the oneness of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and its ability to prosperously soar. National security, basic healthcare, human rights, violence, police brutality and extreme poverty plagues the nation with the present administration showing an unwillingness and or are incapable effectively address.
Over a month ago, Senator and Deputy Speaker of the house of parliament in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Ashelle Morgan was named in a most egregious crime concerning the shooting of a citizen, Mr. Cornelius John on April 13th, 2021, at his place of residence. Mr. John stated  that Ms. Morgan, Assistant Director of Public Prosecution Karim Nelson, and an unnamed person of interest, entered Mr. John’s  private dwelling, uninvited, with guns, assaulted, threatened, and then shoot Mr. John in the leg. Mr. John has stated that Ms. Morgan, brandishing a gun, threatened to shoot him in the mouth should he again call her name. Uttering the words “ I will F—king kill you if you call my name again in your mouth.”  Further, the police have confirmed to Mr. John’s attorney, Mrs. Kay Bacchus-Baptiste, that the gun is unlicensed.
We are calling on those in authority to immediately remove Ms. Morgan from sitting in the house of parliament, have her step down as senator and deputy speaker of the house until a full independent and transparent investigation into the allegations of this allegedly criminal act against Cornelius John is completed. We are also calling on the immediate removal of Mr. Nelson as Deputy Director of Public Prosecution as he is named as the shooter in the incident. We also call on authorities to release the name of the third individual who was present when Mr. John was shot.  Since the incident happened approximately 9 weeks ago no arrest have been made. The Commissioner of Police Colin John has stated that a police investigation is ongoing and Mr. John’s lawyer Kay Bacchus Baptiste have yet to receive a response to the status from the Commissioner of Police on this grave matter. Further, as head of national security the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has taken to the national airwaves and via social media to speak on the matter sharing that Ms. Morgan immediately contacted him yet for approximately two weeks thereafter, he kept such a serious public matter from the citizens and an arrest was not made.
We call on the government of St Vincent, the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines are calling for Ms. Morgan to step down from her post, and abstain from entering parliament, as the rule of law must apply to all Vincentians, whether a government official or a common citizen. We are also calling on the Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves head of national security, the commissioner of police Colin John, and other investigative bodies to do what is legally right under the laws that govern the country.
Rise Hairouna pleads with associations and organizations across the Caribbean region and internationally to look into the matter and lend support to the concerned citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines who are beginning to see the Rule of Law and Democracy dismantled. This matter is of a serious consequence and will determine if justice is for all or only for some. Now more than ever, citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines request your inquiry and commitment in helping to address this grave issue which we face as a nation.
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