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Rise Hairouna is soliciting your support in solidarity with Vincentians championing an improved democracy and socioeconomic sustainable development of SVG.

A Call to Action will be held on Tuesday, June 22nd by the Parliament Building at 9:00 am and will continue on until justice prevails.

Rise Hairouna echoes the voices of citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines who are deeply perturbed by the increased unaddressed inhumane events plaguing the nation.  National Security, health care and basic human rights are in crisis and must be demanded to be effectively addressed.

The recent inhumane conditions created by NEMO, the Office of National Mobilization, the alleged shooting of Mr. Cornelius John by a government Senator and Assistant DPP (who are both attorneys of law in positions to influence and uphold the law) as well as all- too- frequent incidents of like occurrence in our nation must not go unaddressed.  We hence stand in protest action to demand that justice; dignity and the moral fabric of our nation be intact for our generations to come.

This call-to-action demands:

·      An independent investigation of Senator Ashelle Morgan and Assistant DPP Karim Nelson
·      NEMO and the Office of National Mobilization immediately distribute all aid received.
·      Remove the increased custom charges and effect a national moratorium on essential service payments amidst the harsh economic conditions SVG is currently facing.
·      Accountability and transparency for monies received for and on behalf of the people to aid with the volcanic eruption relief.
·      The Freedom of Information Act be made effective.
We desire and work toward attaining justice, equality, accountability and humanity for all Vincentians. All private citizens and concerned organizations are invited to stand in solidarity with us and lend their support to bring about change.

All media houses are cordially invited.

Rise Hairouna

Nailah John and Nekeisha Williams

obo Concerned Citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines